Hiram I. Bearss Pound 111 Military Order of Devil Dogs ~~ QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP ~~  To apply, you must be a paid-up member and in good standing in the Marine Corps League for one full year. 
The applicant must be active in his or her Detachment in the League, and must be invited to join the Order. 
He or she must be recommended by his or her Detachment Commandant and be sponsored by two DEVIL DOGS or PEDIGREED DEVIL DOGS. The applicant is then interviewed by the members of the Pound at a Pound Growl. (A meeting is called a Growl.) If accepted, the applicant must undergo an initiation and obligation ceremony. 
Then he or she becomes a Pup in the Order. Woof, Woof!

NEW MEMBER APPLICATION - Fill in your information, print it, get all the signatures, give it and dues to the POUND 111 Dog Robber.


APPLICATION for ADVANCEMENT - Fill in your information, print it, get all signatures, give it to the PACK Dog Robber.




                    MODD HANDBOOK                     POUND 111 INCORPORATION        POUND 111 BUSINESS ENTITY

~~ MEMBERSHIP DUES ~~  HIB Pound 111 begins collecting Dues in JUNE for the upcoming MODD Membership Year (1 SEP through 31 AUG). The MODD Membership Year (1 SEP through 31 AUG) is not the same as the calendar year and, regardless of when a Dog was initiated into the order, all renewals are due on 1 SEP. Dues for all Non-Paid Life Members in HIB Pound 111 shall be twenty (20) Big Bones if paid before the Annual Growl of the Pound on the fourth Thursday of September. If not paid before the Annual Growl of the Pound on the fourth Thursday of September, HIB Pound 111 dues will be twenty-two (22) Big Bones with two (2) of the Big Bones being a late fee. This will make the total of twenty (20) Big Bones until the fourth Thursday of September and twenty-two (22) Big Bones after that date. Membership dues are for the full MODD Membership Year and shall not be pro-rated. BEGIN QUOTE -- Page 4 -- Military Order of the Devil Dogs – Dog Robber Manual © 2006 Dues, reinstatement fee structures and regulations are as follows: 1. The membership year expires 31 August. 2. Members not paying their dues by 1 February (the first day of the sixth month, Section 107 A of the Kennel Bylaws) shall be deemed delinquent. 3. Should the delinquency extend beyond the last day of the SUPREME GROWL of the KENNEL, the individual shall be dropped from the active rolls for non-payment of dues. 4. Members finding themselves in the situation of Dues #3 above will be placed on a Kennel delinquent list for one additional year. 5. Such members are not eligible to participate in any activities or wear any Devil Dog insignia until their dues are paid. 6. Kennel reinstatement fees are assessed after a Devil Dog has been placed on the delinquent list, and the individual is assessed $2.00 per year for a maximum of three years ($6.00). 7. Packs and Pounds may set additional reinstatement fees. 8. Each Pound should make every effort to ensure that dues are collected and transmitted on time in order to allow for a smooth operation, as well as to provide timely processing of degree advancements and transfers. END QUOTE -- Page 4 -- Military Order of the Devil Dogs – Dog Robber Manual © 2006 Pay your Membership Dues with cash or check, including any late fees, at the Growl to the POUND 111 Dog Robber or mail check / money order made out "Pound 111 MODD" to : PDD Gary Nasby SDR, 4829 Apple Spruce Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46235-4740

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