Hiram I. Bearss Pound 111 Military Order of Devil Dogs ~~ Pound 111 Memorial ~~
Our Devil Dog Marines issued final orders to pearly gates duty
PDD William R Sparks II 87-114 4/24/1927 to 3/23/2015
PUP Walter C Wells 95-384 7/26/1941 to 3/30/2013
PDD Melville A Jay 79-060 1/6/1930 to 7/12/2012
PDD Ora M Fultz 60-006 7/28/1919 to 6/6/2011
PDD Charles R Clarke 91-261 9/25/1925 to 3/10/2011
PDD Thomas M Terpinas 04-488 7/31/1922 to 8/11/2010
PDD Donald F Myers 80-094 9/19/1934 to 8/9/2010
DD Curtis F Hodges 82-081 1/12/1940 to 11/9/2009
PUP John H Flack 88-126 5/26/1927 to 1/18/2009
DD Howard E Stout 92-455 2/10/1926 to 2/17/2006
PUP Michael L Deaton 00-177 1/11/1957 to 12/8/2005
PUP Kenny W Jackson 95-383 ? to 10/1/2005
PDD James G Smith 59-056 9/10/1927 to 9/27/2005
PDD Howard W Suttmiller, Jr 83-123 10/18/1922 to 3/16/2002
PUP Allen B Tookolo 91-265 7/31/1946 to 3/16/2002
PUP Ralph E Brooks, III 91-260 7/8/1925 to 12/14/1994
PUP Robert R Goodwin 91-263 12/22/1922 to 4/29/1993
DD Earnest R McKay 85-107 1/1/1926 to 10/9/1988
PDD John S Hudkins 1044 1/1/1929 to 3/17/1988
PDD Louis E Lashure 538 1/1/1900 to 3/1/1988
PDD Robert P Tenbarge 79-061 6/4/1940 to 1/28/1988
PUP Rollo E Allen 93-263 ? to ?
PDD Stacy H Garvin 84-047 ? to ?
PUP Lorne (Bud) C Hahn 98-039 ? to ?
PUP Willian G Heidenreich 91-264 ? to ?
DD Peter F Noer 82-083 ? to ?
PUP Thomas E Ping 09-191 ? to ?
PDD Earl W Watts 81-169 ? to ?
PUP Louis R Whitset 91-226 ? to ?
PUP Rick L Williams 91-267 ? to ?
Eternal rest grant them O Lord and Perpetual Light shine upon them. Please help us with our memorial page. If you have an Obituary and/or picture for a Marine from Pound 111, send it to HIBWebSeargeant@IndyMarines.org and it will attached as a link. Send missing information to HIBWebsergeant@IndyMarines.org so we can fill in the blanks. Semper Fidelis.

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