Hiram I. Bearss Pound 111 Military Order of Devil Dogs
Pound Keeper PDD Oran Lakin Hiram Bearss #089
Sr Vice Pound Keeper DD Rusty Parson Hiram Bearss #089
Jr Vice Pound Keeper DD Bob Walters Hiram Bearss #089
Dog Robber PDD Gary Nasby Hiram Bearss #089
Smart Dog DD John Mayberry Hiram Bearss #089
Mad Dog PDD Bud Albright Hiram Bearss #089
Dog Trainer PDD Jesus Quintana Hiram Bearss #089
Police Dog DD Jerry Parson Hiram Bearss #089
Watch Dog DD Vacant Hiram Bearss #089
Jr Past Pound Keeper PDD Gary Nasby Hiram Bearss #089
Pooper Scooper PDD John Lund Hiram Bearss #089
Dog Scratcher PDD John Mayberry Hiram Bearss #089
Barking Dog PDD Gary Nasby Hiram Bearss #089
Article II, Section 204 - Eligibility to Hold Office A. All members of HIB Pound 111 shall be eligible for election, or appointment, to any office in the Pound, subject, however, to the following limitations and restrictions: 1. The Pound Keeper must have the Degree of Devil Dog or Pedigreed Devil Dog, with the Degree of Pedigreed Devil Dog being preferred. 2. The Pound Dog Robber must hold the Degree of Devil Dog or Pedigreed Devil Dog. 3. To be eligible for an elective or appointive office, a PUP must have been a faithful PUP for at least one calendar year. A PUP will be eligible to hold any office in the Pound that is elective or appointive other than the Pound Keeper and Pound Dog Robber. 4. All officers must be currently paid up in membership dues in the Marine Corps League, Inc., and in the Military Order of the Devil Dogs. 5. Any officer permitting their membership dues and/or good standing in the Marine Corps League, Inc., and/or in the Military Order of the Devil Dogs, Inc., to lapse, shall forthwith surrender their office, and the Pound Keeper shall declare the office vacant. 6. Any nominee for any elective or appointive office must be present at the time their name is placed in nomination or upon their appointment, and shall be called upon to state if they will accept the office. The Dog Robber, provided they have stated by written word their acceptance of the office if elected, may be nominated and elected in absentia. Note: If a circumstance beyond the control of a Dog prevents such Dog from being present at the Annual Growl of the Pound, a Motion may be made to elect that Dog in absentia, if: a.) The Dog states in writing which office they are interested in; b.) The Dog states that they will accept such nomination, if made; c.) The membership votes to accept the Motion.

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