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  • New Members - $35.00
  • Annual Renewal - $30.00
  • Lifetime Membership
    • age up to 35 years - $500.00
    • age 36 to and including 50 years - $400.00
    • age 51 to and including 64 years - $300.00
    • over 65 years - $200.00


Membership Requirements

Regular Member:
I hereby certify that I am currently serving or have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, "On Active Duty," for not less than ninety (90) days and earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor;* or have served or am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and have earned no less than ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points; or that I have served or am currently serving in the United States Navy as FMF Personnel and earned the Marine Corps Device (clasp) or the FMF Ribbon. If discharged, I am in receipt of DD Form 214 or a Certificate of Discharge indicating "Honorable Service". ("Honorable Service" will be defined by the last DD Form 214 or Certificate of Discharge that the applicant received). General Discharge under Honorable Conditions is acceptable. I understand the DD214 Form may contain information such as military awards, training, and character of service.

Missing your DD214? Click HERE to request a copy from the national archives.

Associate Member:
Associate Membership is open to all supporters of the Marines. To become an Associate Member, you must support the aims and ideals of the Marine Corps League. Dues for Associate Members are the same as that of a Regular Member.